Our Purpose

Ananta is the name of our enterprise.
Our enterprise is built upon the founders’ strong values and beliefs of these main pillars: Culture, Health, and Social.

C is for Culture

CULTURE is a soft power, priceless as it carries a heritage. We strive not to let this art of brewing, from the ancient times of our land, go exhaust in the next decades of change. We aim to preserve, promote and humbly placed Jamu on the map as a cultural craft that is proudly Indonesian.

H is for Health

HEALTH does not need to be expensive or medically advanced. Health comes from within, with quality on a regular basis. The lack of sanitary goods and hygiene cultivates a weak body, ultimately a weak nation. As such, we want to make good health accessible to the many through Ananta’s mission of bringing hygienic, trusted and delicious herbal drink to the nation and to the world.

S is for Social

Socially, we want to be a company that gives back. In particular, for every bottle sold, we will donate a certain percentage of our profit to the marginalized women (since jamu making has been long been crafted by the mbok jamus). We believe, if we can impact the lives of women, we impact the lives of the next generation and the local community. These women are also generating the economy at the village level and thus enable them to make impact across the whole system.